Here’s me sticking my tongue out at all the naysayers! Pfffttt!

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I’ve been contemplating a long time if I should write this - maybe I can just ask people to shave their heads without going into why I’m doing this but macam tak kena (doesn’t feel quite right) and it feels like a cop out.

The story I’m going to tell is deeply personal and it scares me to my wit’s end to publicly share it. I am afraid of making myself so vulnerable…

I remember beginning 2020 feeling like I was on top of the world. I vividly remember being on my balcony, looking across at the mountains and truly believing that this was going to be MY year. It was going to be awesome. I knew it!

I remember being really excited in March. I had planned a birthday getaway with a group of close friends. I rented a beautiful Airbnb in the rainforest — it had a pool with a unicorn float with a barbeque pit. It was going to be perfect! I was SO excited for it to happen.


“I want to one day dedicate myself to a non-profit organisation to make the world a better place. No really. I’m serious.”

Those were the lofty dreams of a 21 year-old me. Fresh-faced, eager, clueless as to what the would hold but almost naively certain that I want to make an impact on the world.

At first, I thought the key to making an impact is to get really rich. So, off I went to join an bank because investment bankers make a lot of money. …

Amelia Tan

Closet Writer. Ex-Blogger (before it became a thing). My Little Pony fan.

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